“We have devised a recipe for muesli biscuits which can be munched while the child is getting ready or on the way to school if there is no time to breakfast properly…” (The Vegan Society, in an old leaflet, found in its archives, called: Feeding the Family).


6oz (170g) 100% flour

6 oz (170g) porage oats

2 oz (55g) soya flour

3 oz (85g) currants

2 oz (55g) sultanas

3 oz (85g) seeded raisins

4 oz (112g) apple

4 ½ oz (125ml) oil

7 oz (200ml) water

1 heaped dessertspoon molasses or malt

Soak seeded raisins in hot water until soft (10-20 mins). Mix dry ingredients together. Whizz in blender seeded raisins and water, oil and molasses. Add more water if necessary to make a spreadable mixture. Spread on to two oiled baking trays 8” and 12”. Bake until crisp. About 30 mins at 300-350F. Mark into squares while warm.

This is an old recipe from a leaflet called: Feeding the Family, by the Vegan Society.